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Reusable K Cups


Reusable K Cups For Keurig, Reusable K CUP Coffee Filter Refillable Single K CUP for Keurig 2.0 1.0 BPA Free

Enjoy your favorite coffee using a reusable k cup.  Kcups are very easy to use, just fill the coffee grounds you need into the k cup refillable pod, after using, just dump the grounds into the trash and wash the k-cup reusable coffee filter by water. Also these reusable coffee pods are dishwasher safe.  These reusable kcups are made with high quality 304 stainless mesh; it has a sturdy construction and tight lid to ensure no leaking.

Compatible with Keurig 2.0 and 1.0: K200, K250, K300, K350, K360, K400, K450, K460, K500, K550, K560, K15, K31, K40, K44, K45, K50, K60, K66, K70, K77, K80, K100, B31, B40, B44, B50, B60, B66, B70, B77, B100, B140, B200 As well as the following brewers: Keurig Elite, Keurig Select, Keurig Ultimate, and The Keurig Platinum. Breville K CUP, Mr. Coffee K CUP.  NOT compatible with: Keurig mini, Keurig K-Supreme, K-Supreme Plus, Keurig K-Supreme Smart.


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