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Our Story

Four sisters, Carmen, Renaee’, Sherrie and Tampathia are always sharing good finds with each other.  Well, Renaee’ gave Sherrie a bottle of the McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic red wine.  A wine made by Black women.  Sherrie, who enjoys a nice glass of wine, had come across Aslina, a wine made by a Black woman in South Africa.  During the pandemic shutdown of 2020, Sherrie drove to the “big city” from our small rural hometown to stock up on food stuff (ok, she really just needed to stock up on Black Girl Magic and Aslina red wine).  She went to a large chain beverage retailer who advertises that they carry over 40,000 wines, etc. 

Well, while in the store the salesperson escorted Sherrie to the near back of the store and reached down to the near bottom of the shelf and retrieved the last 2 bottles of Black Girl Magic red wine. 

Yes, they only had 2 bottles of Black Girl  Magic wine left (on a bottom shelf, way in the back).

Knowing it would be a couple of months before she would get to the “big city” again (because of the pandemic shutdown) she asked the sales associate if they have any more Black Girl Magic in the back or when they plan to reorder.  Sherrie also asked the salesperson if he could order the Aslina wine.  He said they didn’t have any more Black Girl Magic red wine and that they could only order what is on their website.  Well, Aslina was not on their website because of course Sherrie had already checked.  Sherrie’s thinking, “Gee, you have got 40,000 different wines here why can’t you have 40,001?” 

Leaving the store angry at the salesperson’s attitude and the fact that such a large beverage chain store did not have a better stock of Black Girl Magic wine and no interest in ordering another wine made by a Black woman, Sherrie got to thinking.  Why isn’t there one place she can go to buy wine made by Black people?  She also thought not only wines but other beverages too.  She kept thinking and came up with the idea of Black Beverages online.  She shared her idea with her sisters, started researching, and BlackBeverages.com was born.  Sherrie likes to say that BlackBeverages.com was started by an “angry Black woman”.

We are proud to be a Black woman owned family business promoting other Black owned businesses.


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