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How It Works

Black Beverages mission is to create a one of a kind, five-star specialty online store for retail of beverages created and produced by Black people.

To that end, we offer membership (with benefits) to those who want to commit to helping Black owned beverage businesses increase their sales, exposure and market share on a regular basis.  

For $89/year** Black Beverages members will receive the following benefits:

Free shipping on all orders*

1 Free Sampler box of your choice OR 1 Free gift of your choice.

Choose from the following gift choices below.

Free samples every season – Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Monthly drawing for sampler box of your choice. As a member you’ll be entered in our monthly drawing to win a sampler box of your choice. Drawings will be held the 1st day of each month. Winners will be notified via email. Winner choice sampler box will be mailed 1-2 days after winner is contacted.

Special Members Only prices and discounts

Members Only limited time special and sales

Exclusive promotions and early access to new products.

5% of your membership cost gets donated to our “Black Beverages Better Futures – A Giving Program”.  

Sampler Box Choices

Tea Sampler Box

Tea Sampler Box includes 3 tea samples, 1 tea strainer, honey sample, tea filters. Brands may vary.

coffee sampler box

Coffee Sampler Box includes 3 coffee samples, honey sample, wood spoon. Brands may vary.

Coffee and Tea Sampler Box

Coffee and Team Sampler Box includes 2 tea samples, 2 coffee samples, sugar sticks, tea/coffee bag clip. Brands may vary.

Free Gift Choices

Grosche Aberdeen Tea Maker

Easy Tea Steeper

Electric Coffee Grinder

French Press Coffee Maker

*Order minimum $15.00

**Cancel anytime. Your membership status and benefits will remain in place 1 year from the date your membership started. Membership cost is non-refundable.