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Tea Steeper, Easy Tea Infuser


PERFECT TEA MAKER Tea pot with coaster, Tea Steeper, Easy Tea Infuser

Easy to use bottom dispensing teapot and loose leaf tea infuser.  It’s the best tea infuser for loose tea because of its ease of use and that makes it an easy tea brewer and tea steeper. It’s great for brewing loose leaf tea.  This has a wide mouth top and easy to remove tea infuser and filter/ strainer for cleaning.  You can brew less tea if you like in this tea steeper - brew and use it as a dispenser by placing it on your cup. You add in your tea ball or loose tea, and once its steeped place the lose leaf tea infuser on your tea cup to pour from the bottom. The stainless steel tea strainer will filter your tea. It’s easy to remove and washable. 

Of all tea brewers or loose tea, the GROSCHE Aberdeen tea steeper and tea strainer is easy to use, shatterproof, and durable. It’s not safe for stovetop use. You will have to heat water in a stovetop kettle then add the hot water to the loose leaf tea infuser to steep your tea.

The Aberdeen teapot and strainer are made from 100% USA Tritan material. The Aberdeen tea strainer and steeper will last longer and safer than other models of tea pots. It’s the modern teapot and tea diffuser everyone needs.

GROSCHE Aberdeen 17.7 oz. 525 ml, EASY CLEAN Tea Steeper, BPA-Free teapot


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