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BLK&Bold: Rise & GRND Medium Roast Blend

12 oz.

Rise & GRND Medium Roast Blend

Rise & GRND is dedicated to making the hustle possible. This sweet and creamy medium roast is blended perfectly to help you get up and get going. The washed process helps produce a versatile cup with savory toffee and nutty flavor notes and a little bit of lemon from the acidity.  This BLK & Bold coffee is 100% Certified Fair Trade.  This bag yields 24 standard (6 oz.) cups per 12 oz. bag. Whole Bean

Meet the Maker

Pernell Cezar and Rod Johnson started BLK&Bold in 2018.

"The idea was to take the affinity for this daily ritual of coffee or tea drinking and make it so that anyone could participate in the social impact model," says Rod. "That's at the core of what we do. We give 5% of our profits to organizations that support at-risk youth."

Rod says that the name Blk & Bold is intended to underline the company's purpose. "It serves as a double entendre that speaks to, on the surface, our products - black coffee and tea with bold taste," he says. "But it also describes us as men, entrepreneurs, and our approach to life. We are, and have always, embraced being both black and bold, our company is now an extension of that disposition."

BLK&Bold creates its fabulous coffees in Des Moines, Iowa.

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