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Chicago French Press Black Luxe


Chicago French Press and MR. SUITABLE have partnered to curate the perfect blend. Indulge in BLACK TUXE - a premium, organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 100% Arabica coffee infused with bright, smooth floral notes and deep chocolate undertones. Its Ethiopian beans are sourced from the Gambela region at 2200 Meters above sea level, cultivated to the highest standards, and roasted medium-dark.  Origin of Bean: Ethiopia.  Grade A.  100% Arabica, Single-Origin.  Roast: Medium-Dark.  Flavor Profile: bright, smooth floral notes; deep chocolate undertones. 

Meet the Maker

A former Wall Street analyst turned coffee connoisseur, Kris Christian was born and raised in Memphis, TN and earned her degree in Business Management at Howard University. Tired of overloading her coffee with cream and sugar to make it palatable, Kris decided there had to be a way to actually savor the drink, not just tolerate it. Fueled by entrepreneurial savvy, she developed her own blends so rich in flavor, they barely need added sweetness. Her goal is to make gourmet, flavorful coffee accessible, so she uses her business to teach others how to brew a delicious cup at home.

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