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Kahawa 1893 French Roast


A full bodied French roast coffee with a subtle smokiness. Bold in flavor, not bitter, the velvety mouthfeel complements rich notes of dark chocolate, fudge and smoky that lingers on the palate.  We roast this coffee more slowly and longer than our Serengeti Dark roast to develop the smoky notes that are characteristic of a traditional French Roast. Not all beans can handle the heat - but our African grown high altitude beans have the right density to withstand the heat and retain complex flavors.  Extra-Dark Roast.

Meet the Maker

Margaret Nyamumbo, founded Kahawa 1893. Kahawa” means “coffee” in Swahili. After studying in the USA, Margaret returned home with some ideas on how to bring Kenyan coffee to the world in a way that benefits women farmers the most. Kahawa 1893 coffee is grown in Kenya and roasted fresh in San Francisco by Margaret, a third-generation coffee farmer.

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