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Kahawa 1893 Kenyan


Kenyan coffee is the most celebrated coffee in the world for the complexity of its flavor. The unique genetic varieties grown in Kenya were specifically developed for the unique soil and micro-climate found in Kenya. The result is a full bodied bright coffee with inherent sweetness.  However you brew it, hot or cold, the unique flavor shines. It's an unforgettable cup. As a third-generation coffee farmer from Kenya, we are proud to celebrate our home origin with this Single Origin.  Tasting notes:  Light berry and citrus.  Roast level: medium light. 

Meet the Maker

Margaret Nyamumbo, founded Kahawa 1893. Kahawa” means “coffee” in Swahili. After studying in the USA, Margaret returned home with some ideas on how to bring Kenyan coffee to the world in a way that benefits women farmers the most. Kahawa 1893 coffee is grown in Kenya and roasted fresh in San Francisco by Margaret, a third-generation coffee farmer.

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