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Black Leaf Tea and Culture Shop: CoCo Bae

.50 oz.

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CoCo Bae

Between the sharpness of the black and the delectable flavor of coconut and chocolate… that’s Bae! This tea is a great mood enhancer and a great way to get a jump on the day.  Benefits:  Antioxidant and Anti-stress. 

Ingredients: Black Tea, Roasted Cacao Nibs, Shredded Coconut.  Contains caffeine. .50 oz.

Meet the Maker

Amber Jackson has a passion for tea, people and Black culture. She launched Black Leaf Tea in April 2019, to share her love for tea, engage with the community and celebrate Black Culture. She hosts a Young Black Professionals Mixer and Tea Talks at her The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop in New England.

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