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Just Add Honey: White Tea - Mango Rose


White Tea - Mango Rose

Our blend is an exotic blend of white and green tea with lush mango and fragrant rose petals. A perfect cup of tea! Enjoy this afternoon treat to share with friends. Naturally low in caffeine.  Ingredients: organic white, green tea, dried mango pieces, calendula petals, rose petals, lemongrass. 

Meet the Maker

Brandi and Jermail Shelton, operate Just Add Honey, a company Brandi started in 2006. Brandi started blending tea leaves with a little bit of fruit or herbs which became her way of making the perfect cup. Brandi decided she would make fun and fanciful blends and share it with the world. Just Add Honey Tea Company was born. Since 2006, she's blended what feels right and tastes delicious. Plain and simple with a lot of love...

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