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KeWi Teas: Moroccan Mint

2 oz.

Moroccan Mint

Premium green tea blended with gourmet spearmint.  Makes a subtly smoky, yet refreshing mint tea that is delicious hot or cold!  Add fresh mint leaves and sugar for a traditional cup.  Caffeinated.  Steeping instructions:  1-2 tsp. for 5-10 minutes at 212 degrees F.

Meet the Maker

Soul Stir-A Tea & Wellness Company was established in 2018 by sisters, tea lovers & holistic wellness advocates Kristina & Erin Walden. The two had long dreamt of establishing a business that would allow them to express their love for food & beverage, and their inclination towards holistic living. The sisters merged their passions to create their own all natural, eco-friendly, artisan tea brand - KeWi Teas, which is named after the two (Kristina & Erin Walden Inspired Teas)! Their teas deliver diverse flavors and wellness properties, and feature exceptional quality tea leaves, organic herbs, pure spices, dried fruit and other natural ingredients. Their company's mission is to promote self-care, wellness and community through the practice of tea ritual, and they are inspired to help others slow down and experience holistic well-being.

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