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Blue Henry: Fruit Garnishes


Fruit Garnishes

Thinly sliced at their height of ripeness, then simply dehydrated.  Sustainable and beautiful.  All natural, no sulfates added.  Dehydration preserves the fruit, its flavor and smell until such time that it gets re-hydrated in your glass.  These can last forever if kept dry. A great solution to eliminate waste and add a cute twist to your favorite beverage.

Meet the Maker

Adrienne Walker, a former FDA executive officer, now mixologist, owns and operates Blue Henry. Adrienne and her team select the finest, simplest all-natural ingredients to create flavor. 95% of their flavor extracts are made in house. Blue Henry was Adrienne’s family laid back but spirited family dog. Blue represented fun, ease and lively hospitality, so when it was time to choose a name for Adrienne’s business and the logo, Blue Henry was perfect. Plus everyone who met Blue, never forgot his name. Blue Henry syrups and fruit garnishes make it simple to craft beautiful drinks.

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