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Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel


Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel

Non-alcoholic Caribbean Sorrel Mocktail Revisited

The florally sweet, rich, and complex, hibiscus-spiced, brewed, and aged alcohol-free beverage based on a family recipe with an over 400-year Caribbean heritage. For happier, healthier, more connected drinking.

Taste Profile: Rich, smooth and balanced from our ingredients to our brewing + non-alcoholic aging process. Florally sweet | Spicy- from ginger + cinnamon and other spices | Complex- A taste journey/ party on your palette! from the floral sweetness at the tip of your tongue to the ginger-induced zing(!) at the middle and back of your palette | Refreshing- the citrus brightens it.

Raw + natural ingredients: sorrel flower (also known as hibiscus roselle), ginger, pure cane sugar, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, bay leaves, orange peel. Brewed + Aged to perfection.

Servings: each 25 oz. size bottle serves 4 to 5 people. More when used as a mixer.

Sugar content: 19g per 6 oz. serving

Allergens: Nut-free and made in an allergen-free environment.

Goes well with: Toasts! Date-night! Nights in. Experts have also discovered it's perfect for cheese pairing and charcuterie boards. The richness of a variety of savory cheeses paired with the floral, fruity sweetness, and spices of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is a pure delight. A match made in heaven!

Meet the Maker

“Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is a delightful brewed and aged hibiscus-spiced beverage based on a family recipe with an over 400-year Caribbean heritage started by Brooklyn born, 1st generation Caribbean American foodie and designer Nzinga Knight. In 2015 she began creating her dad's sorrel which he hadn't produced in 10 years, bottled it and brought it to a few parties, and after many requests to sell it, business was born. Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is carrying the tradition of delicious naturally good festive Caribbean drinks forward by creating authentic Sorrel, mocktail style.”

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