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Delicious Beverage Signature Syrups


Our flavors are uniquely formulated to taste amazing when mixed with our Instant Sweet Tea or Instant Lemonade.

Caribbean Signature Syrup 

Our Signature Flagship product. Caribbean Flavored Syrup. Best seller in the field, winner of countless taste tests and fan favorite. Not convinced, try it for yourself. A proprietary mixture of tropical fruit syrups, blended together to delight the senses...every time. Ingredients:  Strawberry, Orange, Peach, Passion Fruit with real fruit puree.  12 fl. oz.

Strawberry Signature Syrup

Premium Strawberry Syrup, with just the right amount of strawberry puree to create an unforgettable burst of flavor. As we like to say "it's the bits". This syrup is bursting with the flavor of freshly-picked strawberries and is GMO-free, with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Perfect for flavoring our amazing Lemonade or Sweet Tea, but also great with hand-crafted sodas or your favorite cocktail.  Ingredients:  Strawberry Syrup with added Puree.  12 fl. oz.

Meet the Maker

Al and Fannie Mae Rem and their family own and operate Delicious Beverage selling tea and lemonade mixes, as well as a line of all natural, fruit-flavored syrups — and they promise you don’t need to add anything to make these drinks the best you’ve ever had. From Long Beach, California they offer a suite of flavored syrups that blend well with their tea and lemonade, and contain all-natural ingredients. Unlike many other brands of flavored syrup, Delicious Beverage’s syrups are made with real fruit and are vegan friendly and gluten free, with no high fructose corn syrup.

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