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New Secrets Tea: Honey Pearls


Honey Pearls

HONEY PEARLS® are 100% natural and containing no artificial flavors or additives. Dry Honey Pearls add the delicate sweetness of honey to your cup with the convenience of sugar. At only 12 calories per teaspoon serving, our crystallized honey can adorn your tea cup every day! Honey Pearls is just like regular honey, but it has been dehydrated making it so much easier to use since you will not longer have to worry about the stickiness of honey.

Nutritional Facts:
130 Servings Based on serving size of 1 teaspoon
Carbohydrates: 3 grams
Total Sugars: 3 grams
Calories: 12 calories

Ingredients Honey, sugar.

Meet the Maker

Natalie Antoinette aka “Newnew” started New Secrets Tea because of “her shared passion for tea and a healthy lifestyle. Each of her products are 100% All Natural Luxury Wellness Tea's specifically blended with targeted ingredients that are renowned for their positive effects on both the physical and the mental”.

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