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Perfectly Cordial: Mango Mexican Chili & Vanilla


Mango Mexican Chili & Vanilla

Did someone say Vacation?  Bringing you all the tropical vibes with the brightness of mango, the spiciness of Mexican chili pepper and the richness of vanilla.  Simply mix with tequila, rum or sparkling water for the perfect sip of the tropics.  Ingredients:  Water, Mango, Sugar, Pure cane, Lemon juice, Peppers, Hot Chile Sun-Dried, Vanilla Bean Powder, and Citric acid.  Before opening, the mixer is shelf stable.  Once opened, our premium craft mixers are good for 3 months. After 3 months, they can be stored in the refrigerator.  8 oz.

Meet the Maker

Rhonda Cammon founded Perfectly Cordial in 2019 with a mission to put great cocktails within reach of the novice or enthusiast bartender. Through perfection in flavor and simplicity of use, Perfectly Cordial cocktail mixers will bring mixology to the home bar without the mess, fuss, expense, or pretentiousness of a fancy cocktail bar. Perfectly Cordial is versatile enough to mix in any drink for a mocktail or cocktail.

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