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Tessie's Teas: Mint Tea


Mint Tea (All-Natural Mint Infused With Raw Cane Sugar)

True to the classic, our mint tea is made with the traditional bright uplifting mint leaves rolled in raw, unprocessed cane sugar. Perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up or after-dinner drink. Makes a great cold brew. Ingredients: Mint and Raw Cane Sugar. That's it.

Tessie’s teas are uniquely created to give you the strongest cup of natural tea. Tessie’s Teas takes all-natural ingredients and crystallizes them in honey or raw cane sugar. The process freeze-dries the ingredients to lock in their freshness and preserve their robust flavor and nutrients. Since the process freeze-dries the ingredients, Tessie’s teas are instant! Just add hot water and you’ve got a cup of tea going. Because of our crystallization process, Tessie’s teas don’t require any steeping time. So, say goodbye to the messy tea bags and long wait times with loose leaf tea. Have a hot cup of tea ready in seconds.

Meet the Maker

Dr. Rose Hall, founder of Tessie’s Teas and a tea lover created Tessie’s Tea as a company that would pay homage to the wisdom passed down to her from her mother, Tessie. You see, Tessie’s Teas first started as a seed planted in her mind as a young girl. Being raised in Jamaica, Dr. Hall, grew up steeped in the centuries-old, Caribbean tradition of tea drinking and experienced her great grandparents, and grandparents drinking tea daily, and living productive lives with life spans of 98 - 107 years old. Dr. Hall has traveled to over 10 countries sourcing tea and gaining an understanding of the tea business. It has always been her dream to start her own tea company and educate others about the benefits derived from drinking roots, herbs, and spices daily.

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