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Trade Street Jams Limited Edition Cherry Chipotle Mocktail Elixir


Trade Street Jams Limited Edition Cherry Chipotle Mocktail Elixir

This elixir infuses the flavors of bright citrus with slightly spicy chipotle. Pour this booze-free beauty over ice and drink it straight, mix it into a non-alcoholic mocktail or add in your favorite spirit for a quick way to bring a craft beverage to life. From champagne, to sparkling juice, to lemonade or soda, this is your go-to when you want something curiously delicious in a flash. Your cocktail wishes have been granted.  Ingredients:  Sour cherry, lime, grapefruit, orange, bay leaf, chipotle, cinnamon.

Vegan.  Zero alcohol. No added sugar. No preservatives.  Contains 1g sugar per 4 oz. serving.  Refrigerate after opening.  Size: 16 oz.

Meet the Maker

Trade Street Jams was founded by Ashley Rouse, a trained chef who loves to experiment with flavors and create the unexpected. In 2008, Ashley created the name for the company while living on Trade Street in Charlotte, NC. She also created the idea of “not your average jam” before she moved to Brooklyn where her jam business really took off. Ashley’s come a long way from creating small batches of 30 or so jams to now adding a mocktail elixir to her product line. If you love this elixir please do check out her jams.

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