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Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm Wildflower Honey with Lavender


Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm Wildflower Honey with Lavender

This blend combines our delicious Wildflower Honey with LAVENDER long known for its health benefits. Lavender is commonly known as a fragrant flower but it is also an edible herb. The herb also has a calming effect and is traditionally recommended as an alternative treatment for insomnia. Lastly, lavender is an excellent tonic for stress and anxiety due to its relaxing nature and wonderful scent. All Natural 100% Raw Honey.  Free of any added sugars, wax, or pesticides.  Note: Actual appearance of honey may vary by flavor profile.  Size:  2 oz.

Meet the Maker

The Johnson family –Kam and Summer Johnson and their two children Zach and Zoe are the founders of the family-owned brand, Zach and Zoe. Kam and Summer started with their first bee hives and honey production in 2015 after seeing how well raw honey worked for Zach’s asthma and very bad seasonal allergies. Their New Jersey based wildflower honey business has been growing ever since.

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